If you'd like to be notified when Now What Do We Do? is released, please drop your address in the email hole to the right. We promise to send just one email when NWDWD launches (well, one per platform). If you'd like to keep up with development, you can follow @baconandgames.

It's still in VERY early development so "launch date" is kind of a dirty word at the moment. Stay tuned.
The Story
The original Flash prototype, similarly titled What Do We Do Now?, was created in ~48 hours for the 2015 Global Gam Jam. It was a ton of fun to work on and received a lot of positive feedback, specifically that people wanted more! Happy to oblige, Internet. This incarnation, Now What Do We Do?, will be built in Unity (not Flash) from the ground up and will be a FULL game stuffed to the gills with puzzles to wrinkle your grey matter. Seriously, this game might actually have gills.

Platforms TBD
Release platform(s) are still very much up in the air though NWDWD will likely ship on some combination of the above. This list is definiltey subject to change so if you've got a preference please speak up :)
It's on my todo list. In the mean time please feel free to contact sean@baconandgames.com with inquiries, hilarious stories or SPAM... please, lots and lots of SPAM.